Fishing in Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh, we will bring you on fishing adventures on the Tonle Sap and Mekong River. We will go away from the city in search of good fishing spots. Everyone will get their own rod and drinks. You will catch Mekong Redtail Catfish, Asian Catfish, Mekong Spot Catfish and other species. Everyone will enjoy fresh air, relaxation on the boat and the sunset on the way back.

We will depart from the tourist boat port near Wat Phnom on theTonle Sap to Mekong River searching for the best spots for Mekong Giant Catfish, Asian Catfish, Redtail Catfish and Spot Catfish.

From the boat, you will see the Night Market, the public park along riverbank with many hotels, bars and restaurants. Ten minutes away from the Night Market, you will see the Royal Palace where the king lives. In front of the Royal Palace, you will pass the Preah Ang Dangkeou Shrine where Phnom Penh residents get holy water for good luck.

After to the Royal Palace, you will see Chaktomuk Hall. Chaktomuk Hall is used for conferences and is also a cinema. It was built in 1960 and has very unusual architecture. The Hall was completely abandoned during the Khmer Rouge regime. After 1979, the People’s Republic of Cambodia decided to try the former Khmer Rouge leaders in absentia in the hall.

On the left bank of the river, you will see the new Sokha Hotel, which is just opening this year, as well as some new buildings that have vegetation growing on the walls. Around Sokha Hotel, the river splits into four parts, the Tonle Sap, Upper Mekong, Lower Mekong and the Bassac River.

We will stop on the corner of the Bassac and Mekong River to fish. At each spot, we will fish for about 30 minutes. If you catch a lot of fish we will stay longer, if you don’t catch we will move to other stops.

Lake Fishing

If you like fly fishing, come with us. We will bring you to catch Snakehead, Toman, Tilapia and Giant Catfish from the lake. If you are an experienced fisherman, you will catch Snakehead and Toman for sure.

Fish at the Natural Fishing Resort for Gaint Catfish, Carps fish. Natural Fishing Resort is very popular for everyone who is interested in fishing. You can order food and drink from the friendly owner and waitress. When you catch fish, they can cook it for you.