Foreigner Hunting Fish

Foreigner Hunting Fish

My friends, they tried so hard to hunting fish in Tonle Sap river, we spent all most four hours at there, my friend he the best hunter that I never seen. He caught a lot plastic bag from the river, no fish. My friend Joshua, he said that all plastic bag were from Lao because Laos people they don’t care, “They threw all garbage and plastics bag into river because the water will flow to Cambodia so all garbage will go to Cambodia,” he said. At first I wasn’t trust him but later then my friend caught lots plastic bag so I said it might be true. It just joke that Joshua told me that all garbage coming from Lao. I tried to find out more about where all garbage and plastic bag from, I found out all people lives around Tonle Sap river Mekong river, they don’t care they throw garbage into river, especial Vietnam people that they have home on the water, they shit and everything throw into river.

Message in a bottle

One day in July, I found a message in a bottle floating in the river.

That day I went fishing with my friend behind Hamawari Hotel on the Tonle Sap river, and I saw a big plastic bottle floating in the water, going back and forth. Continue Reading →

Welcome to fishing in Phnom Penh-Cambodia

I am 26  years old, I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and my favorite thing is fishing. I told my girlfriend yesterday that I’m not interested in girls anymore, I’m just interested in fish. It’s true.

Today is a bad day. It rained all day and I could not catch anything.

Yesterday, I fished from 12 to 2 and then I went back to 6 and came back home at midnight. I got lucky and caught a big fish, probably a catfish. It was about 1 kilogram. We steamed him for lunch today with onions, sour mango, lemon and black pepper sauce.

I always use cockroaches to catch fish. I have a lot of them near my house and it usually only takes me 10 or 20 minutes to catch about 30 or 50 cockroaches with my bare hands. My girlfriend thinks it'”s disgusting. I have about 20 cockroaches in my bag now to prepare for tonight.

If you knew where I caught my fish yesterday, you might not have wanted to eat him. It was on Diamond Island, across the bridge from that memorial to the 350  people who  died in the stampede in 2010. Some of them jumped into the river and drowned.

If you want to make many friends, you can go fishing. I met about 20 people who are almost as crazy about fishing as me. Some of them spend 10 hours fishing every day and don’t catch anything. But we still have a lot of fun drinking beer and talking with each other, and telling each other where we should go to catch fish. We always think about somewhere else where we can catch more fish. Fishing makes people calm. They don’t think about anything. They just hope that they will catch a fish. When a fish pulls on your rod, it just makes you feel so happy.

Last year, I caught a fish that weighed 12 kilograms. It took me 30 minutes to take it out of the water. Many people looked at me and tried to help me to take the fish out from the river.

I have five fishing rods, and one of them cost $50. Every time I see a fishing rod, I want to buy one more. Every time I see a river, I want to go fishing. If I catch one fish, I try to catch two. My favorite thing to eat is fish. Anyway, I have to run now. Will write more later.

If you feel lonely or have nothing to do on weekend you try to go fishing with us, You just leave your email or comment. I will respond to you. I know many places that have lots of fish.